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Laika Wallace (he/him, it/its, sie/hir/hirs) is a young adult author who writes for the 13-20+ age range. Hir preferred genre is fantasy, with some sci fi, mystery, and horror mixed in. Through fiction, he writes about his experiences being an intersex polyamorous femme bisexual two spirit wo/man, reconnecting to his Mi'kmaw and Passamaquoddy heritage, being a Reconstructionist Jewish convert, and living with his disabilities, autism, and other neurodivergencies. It lives on unceded Algonquin territory with its two guinea pigs, Gawi and Dr Pepper Vanilla Float, and its ball python, Lentug Deerlea (pronounced len-tuuk). Some of hir other hobbies include sewing and modding clothing, hiking and walking in local natural areas, swimming, making little clay animals, trying interesting and new soda flavors, Randonauting and urbex, and collecting pieces of broken pottery.

Some other interests of his include: cartoons and tv shows (Codename: Kids Next Door, Di-Gata Defenders, Samurai Jack, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, Scooby Doo, Doctor Who (9th and 10th Doctors), Millennium, The X Files, Dead Like Me, Free Rein), movies (O Brother Where Art Thou, John Carter of Mars, Princess Mononoke, Big Fish, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, pre-Disney Stars Wars), music (Leonard Cohen, Squalloscope, Black Dresses, The Pack A.D., Madness, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Florence and the Machine, Owl City, Of Monsters and Men, Brockhampton, Royal Canoe), and books (Tailchaser's Song, The Sight, Fell, Fire Bringer, Silverwing, Sunwing, My Secret Unicorn, Iron Widow, pre-Disney Star Wars). All media is consumed critically, and he doesn't really have an interest in fandom personally.

It and its friend have a Redbubble together! Go here to purchase some of their designs on shirts, mugs, bath mats, shower curtains, clocks... The list goes on!

Find his poetry on his Tumblr blog: Laikacore.tumblr.com

Laika Wallace's works have also appeared in:


X/Y: A Junk Drawer of Trans Voices

Fear & Trembling


First Peoples Shared Stories from Flame Tree Publishing

Check out what he's up to on hir NaNoWriMo site!

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